Star of the Order Recipients

Col. George S. Howard  1982
Conductor U.S. Air Force Band, ret.

Dr. Al G. Wright  1984
Director of Bands, Purdue University 
Dr. Frederick Fennell  1984
Conductor, Author, Educator
Prof. Maxine Lefever  1985
Prof. Emeritus, Purdue University Bands

Dr. William D. Revelli  1986
Dir. Emeritus, Univ. of Michigan Bands
Mr. John Phillip Sousa III  1987
Author, Lecturer
Dr. Mark Hindsley  1987
Conductor, Univ. Illinois Bands; Arranger
Col. John R. Bourgeois  1987
Conductor, U.S. Marine Band

Mr. John Paynter  1987
Conductor, Northwestern Univ. Bands 
Sir Vivian Dunn, K.S.V.O.;O.B.E.;F.R.A.M.
1987  United Kingdom
Conductor, Royal Marine School of Music
Mrs. Gladys Stone Wright 1987
Founder, WMDNA

Mrs.  Virginia Sudler  1990
Benefactor, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Col. Rodney Bashford, O.B.E.  1991 U.K.
Director, Royal Military School of Music
Gen. Mikhaylov, Head 1991
1st Independent Performing Orchestra
U.S.S.R. Ministry of Defense, Moscow
Mr. Morton Gould  1991
Composer, New York City

Sir Georg Solti  1992
Conductor Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Gen. Nikolai Mikhallovich  1993
Supervisor of Russian Army Bands
Dr. John Long 1999
Director National Hall of Fame of Distinguished Band Conductors
Leonard Slatkin 2000
Conductor National Symphony
Dr. Paul Blerley 2001
Author, Researcher 

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