The Sudler Silver Scroll

North America’s Most Prestigious Award


Community Concert Bands

Chairman: Dr. Ron Keller



To identify, recognize and honor those community bands that have demonstrated particularly high standards of excellence in concert activities over a period of several years, and which have played a significant and leading role in the cultural and musical environment in their respective communities.

Nominations can be received from any source and at any time.  The nominations must be sent to the  Chairman of the Sudler Silver Scroll Committee.   An Official Application will be forwarded to the director of the band nominated and the chairman will bring the completed applications to the annual meeting of the selection committee which takes place in December at the Mid-West International and Clinic in Chicago. Deadline for entry: November lst.

• The Selection Committee is composed of successful community band directors who have experienced a number of successful years as band conductors.  The committee will review the nominee’s programs and other supporting material and the final decision will be made by majority vote of the committee members present.

• All bands that have applied will be advised shortly after the December meeting of the decision of the Selection Committee.  A presentation ceremony for those groups selected will be arranged at the convenience of the recipient at a concert of their choice if at all possible.  The Silver Scroll plaque and other related items will be forwarded by the President of the Sousa Foundation. 

Bands nominated for the Sudler Silver Scroll award are asked to submit certain materials for evaluation by the committee:

1. Concert programs representing the three previous years. (copies OK)

2. 15 copies of a CD of no more than 30 minutes in length representing the band’s repertoire. This recording should be of music performed within the last year and MUST include at least one composition by John Philip Sousa.  A listing of the music should be included with the recordings. The timing of each work should be listed. Live performances are most desirable, but not necessary. A copy of the recording will be forwarded to each member of the Selection Committee prior to the meeting in December to allow them ample time to review it. DO NOT PUT THE NAME OF THE BAND ON THE CDs.

3. Press clippings or copies of press clippings about the band’s achievements from the three previous (or more) years.

4.  A photograph of the band in a concert setting taken with the past year or two.

5. A photograph and resume of the director.

6. Written recommendations from three or more band directors (not necessarily of community bands) of regional or national reputation who have heard or conducted the band recently.

7. Written comments from three or more local citizens documenting the band’s contribution to a high standard of cultural effectiveness in the community.

8.  A completed Application Form to be completed by the director and/or members of band for review by the Selection Committee.  (Form available upon request) 

To request informational packet including a CD of the type of music that should be submitted please contact:

Dr. Ron Keller.

742 Buttonwood Circle  

Naperville, Il  60540



Deadline for entry:  September lst. 

The Award

     The Sudler Silver Scroll Award will consist of a handsome walnut plaque on which is mounted a silver scroll engraved with the name of the band and the director.  Certificates for each member of the band will be included along with the Diploma of the Sudler Order of Merit and a distinctive lapel pin for the director.

     The band must have achieved and maintained particularly high standards of excellence in concert performances and have selected a high level of musical literature over a period of years.  
     The conductor must be incumbent in his or her position for a minimum of five years including the current year.
     The band must have demonstrated a record of contributing significantly to the high standards of cultural environment in its community both by its performances and by involving a high percentage of community residents as performers.

The Sudler Silver Scroll Award is administered by the John Philip Sousa Foundation and implemented by the Foundation’s Executive Committee.  The membership of the committee is as follows:

M. Max McKee, Chairman of the Board
Lowell E. Graham, President and CEO
Douglas Harter Vice-President for Finance and Investment
Gerald Guilbeaux, Vice-President for Development
Roy Holder, Vice-President of Operations
Jay Gephart, Treasurer
John Culvahouse, Secretary

The John Philip Sousa Foundation

The John Philip Sousa Foundation is a publicly supported, educational foundation established for the purpose of organizing, sponsoring and administering projects contributing to the excellence of bands and band music throughout the world by recognizing excellence in it’s many forms wherever it may be found.
The Foundation is governed by the executive committee which receives suggestions, advice and input from the board of directors and the advisory committee.
No officer of the Foundation nor any committee member (excepting the Foundation’s attorney and tax accountant) receives any salary or financial compensation for services rendered.

Sudler Silver Scroll Selection Committee

Gail A. Brechting     Ronald Keller

15310 Oak Point Dr. 413 E. 11th Ave.

Spring Lake, MI 49456 Naperville, Il 60565

Michael Burch-Pesses Ray Lichtenwalter
5598 SE Sierra Street 1309 Redbud Dr.
Hillsboro, OR 97123 Arlington, TX 76012

Ronald Demkee Bryan Shelburne

4701 Akermans Ln. 5363 Whitehouse Plantation 

Coopersburg, PA 18036 Macon, GA 31210

Del Eisch Don Snowden

3l5 Wilnette Springs Dr. 1020 E. Jordan St., Unit B

Racine, WI 53405 Pensacola, FL 325033

Richard Floyd

690l Winterberry Dr.

Austin, TX 78750    

David Gregory Christian Wilhjelm

10313 Big Canoe     P.O. Box 151

Big Canoe, GA 30143     Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Gerald Guilbeaux Michael Willson

3600 W. Congress St. 5916 S. Rita Lane

Lafayette, LA 70506 Tempe, AZ 85283

Dennis Zeisler

569 Suburban Pkwy

Norfolk, VA 23505



  YEAR          RECIPIENT                                          LOCATION                             CONDUCTOR

   1. 1987    Northshore Community Band Evanston, IL  John Paynter

  2. 1988    Lawrence City Band Lawrence, KS    William L. Kelley

  3. 1989    Tacoma Concert Band Tacoma, WA     Robert Musser

  4. 1990    Kiel Municipal Band Kiel, WI            Lewis Schmidt

  5. 1990    Allentown Band Allentown, PA    Ronald H. Demkee

  6. 1991    Naperville Municipal Band Naperville, IL    Ronald Keller

  7. 1993    Sarasota Mobile Home Band Sarasota, FL Leo Laier

  8. 1993    Austin Symphonic Band Austin, TX Richard Floyd

  9. 1994    Racine Municipal Band Racine, WI Delbert Eisch

10. 1994    Lansing Concert Band Lansing, MI Kenneth Bloomquist

11. 1995    Texas Wind Symphony Arlington, TX Ray Lichtenwalter

12. 1995    Medalist Concert Band Bloomington, MN                     Earl Benson

13. 1996    Kent Stark Concert Band Canton, OH      Patricia Grutzmacher

14. 1996    Scottsdale Concert Band Scottsdale, AZ Charles "Bud" Sessions

15. 1996    Ridgewood Concert Band Ridgewood, NJ C. Christian Wilhjelm

16. 1996    Tara Winds Concert Band Hampton, GA    David Gregory

17. 1997    Coastal Communities Concert Band San Diego, CA Don Caneva

18. 1997    Lakeland Civic Band Kirtland, OH Charles Frank

19. 1997    Twin City Concert Band West Monroe, LA Jack White

20. 1998    San Jose Wind Symphony San Jose, CA    Darrell Johnston

21. 1998    Corpus Christi Wind Symphony Corpus Christi, TX                  Bryce Taylor

22. 1999    Community Band of Brevard Brevard, FL Marion Scott

23. 1999    Lafayette Concert Band Lafayette, LA    Gerald Guilbeaux

24. 2000    Virginia Grand Military Band Arlington, VA      Loras John Schissell

25. 2001    Lafayette Citizens Band Lafayette, IN      William Kissinger

26. 2002    Pensacola Civic Band Pensacola, FL Don Snowden

27. 2002    Tempe Wind Ensemble Tempe, AZ Michael Wilson

28. 2003    Atlanta Wind Symphony Atlanta GA        Peter Witte

29. 2003    Houston Symphonic Band Houston, TX Robert McElroy

30. 2004    Penn Central Wind Band Lewisburg, PA William Kenny

31. 2004    City of Fairfax Band Fairfax, VA Robert Pouliot

32. 2005    West Michigan Winds Muskegon, MI    Gail Brechting

33. 2005    Knightwind Ensemble Hales Corner, WI                     John Steinke

34. 2006    South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble Linwood, NJ Keith Hodgson

35. 2007    East Tennessee Concert Band Lenoir City, TN                         Ric Best

36. 2007    Oregon Symphonic Band Portland, OR  Michael Burch-Pesses

37. 2008    East Winds Symphonic Band Pittsburgh, PA   Susan Sands

38. 2009    Minnesota Symphonic Wind Edina, MN  Timothy Mahr

39. 2009    Cobb Wind Symphony Marietta, GA     Alfred Watkins

40. 2010    Savannah River Winds North Augusta, SC Richard Brasco

41. 2011    Virginia Wind Symphony Norfolk, VA       Dennis Zeisler 

42. 2012    Lone Star Symphonic Band Houston, TX Robert Bryant 

43. 2013    Lake Oswego Millennium Concert Band Lake Oswego, OR Dale Cleland

44. 2013    Concord Band Concord, MA James O'Dell

45. 2014    East Texas Symphonic Band Longview, TX James Snowden

46. 2015    Metropolitan Wind Symphony Boston, MA Lewis J. Buckley

47. 2015    Sierra Nevada Wind Orchestra Gold River, CA Robert Halseth

48. 2017   Montgomery County Concert Band Hatfield, PA          Chuck Neidhardt

49. 2017    Waukesha Area Symphonic Band Oconomowoc, WI Rick Kirby

50. 2017    Carrollton Wind Symphony Frisco, TX             Jim McDaniel

51. 2018    Buffalo/Niagara Concert Band Buffalo, NY          Amy Steiner

Recipients of the Sudler Silver Scroll Historic Certificate

 1. 1999    Naperville Municipal Band Naperville, IL                  Ron Keller

 2. 2000    Allentown Band   Allentown, PA               Ronald H. Demkee

 3. 2001    Lafayette Citizens Band Lafayette, IN                   William Kissinger

 4. 2003    Repasz Band Williamsport, PA              Albert J. Nacinovich

 5. 2004    City of Fairfax Band Fairfax, VA                      Robert Pouliot

 6. 2005    Brazil Band Brazil, IN                         Matthew Huber

 7. 2010    Lebanon Band Lebanon, WI                   Edward L. Pierce

 8. 2013    Ringgold Band Reading, PA                     James S. Seidel

 9. 2015    Charlevoix City Band Charlevoix, MI                  Gary Stutzman

10. 2015    Medina Community Band Medina, OH                    Marcus Neiman