The Award

1. The Sudler shield award will consist of (1) a silver shield mounted on a handsome 8X11 inch (or larger) wooden plaque for the organization, (2) a miniature plaque for the director, (3) a diploma of honor for the director, and (4) an honor certificate for each member of the band.

2. The presentation of the award to the band will be scheduled at an important musical event and at a time and place convenient to the recipient and others concerned.  Other than providing the awards, the Sousa Foundation will not be responsible for any presentation costs.


1. The Sudler Shield award will be administered by the John Philip Sousa foundation and implemented by the executive committee through the project chair, Professor W. Dale Warren of the University of Arkansas, United States.

 The Jury

1. The jury will be nominated by the project chair with the advice and approval of the executive committee.

2. The jury will be composed of not less than ten and not more than twenty-five band directors of national and international reputation in the marching band field.  

3. No member of the jury, the Sousa Foundation, nor other persons will receive any renumeration.